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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Circumstances

Each student faces their own set of challenges and beliefs that hold them back from discovering and reaching their potential. Perhaps they don’t think they’re good enough at chemistry to pursue a medical career; or maybe they have to hold a full time job to support their family and have little time for education. The NetTutor approach helps students see new possibilities for themselves and their future.

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Inclusivity: Helping All Students Bring Their Unique Strengths, Experiences & Passions to Their Learning Path

NetTutor was created to provide real online tutoring help for students at every hurdle–at any time, anywhere. Our tutors are not only subject-matter experts, but are trained to exhibit empathy and empower students to discover their own unique learning process to find solutions. Our 1:1 tutoring helps students take ownership of their educational outcomes and become response-able with motivation, persistence and passion.

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Less Friction on the Path to Learning Progress And Success

Life seems to get more and more complicated for students as the uncertainties in the world multiply. Students can access live tutoring on demand, drop off questions for a timely response, and get writing feedback. We provide tutoring support in hundreds of subjects to make sure every individual has the opportunity to progress and reach their goals despite unpredictable circumstances.

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Easy Integration & Reliable Personal Service For Institutions

We love working with our customers, and it turns out they like working with us! With a 98% customer retention rate, we continue to make sure administrators and educators experience little to no friction using NetTutor. We provide timely, effective, and personal service to each of our customers from day one.

Our tutoring service requires minimal bandwidth, and no downloads are necessary. All tutoring happens on an intuitive whiteboard interface and is facilitated with course-specific tools and functions. NetTutor also complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and is FERPA-compliant.

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Intuitive & Customizable Extension of Campus Support

NetTutor is the only major online tutoring service that allows each institution to customize every aspect of the service their students will receive. Campus partners are invited to customize “Rules of Engagement”--a collaboration that ensures students receive tutoring in NetTutor that is consistent with the support they would receive on campus.

Subjects from Algebra to Zoology

NetTutor is human-centered and research-based with a rich history of providing online tutoring and academic support to education institutions in a variety of disciplines and academic programs. Partnering with NetTutor means giving your students the assistance they need from experienced and qualified online tutors.

Looking for a specific subject? NetTutor supports tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, a sampling of which is below.

Transparent Pricing for Institutions & Students

NetTutor only charges for the time we spend supporting students. There is no flat rate pricing on paper reviews, no archiving time added to each session, no rollover fees on hours not used during the purchase year, no set-up fee, no training charges, and no marketing fee.

Pricing starts at $32/hour.

If you have any questions about purchasing NetTutor either for yourself or your school or organization, submit a ticket to our support team here.

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