A User-Friendly Platform That Connects Students to Great Tutors

Tutoring is facilitated by our proprietary whiteboard, created specifically for online collaboration in education. This easy-to-use interface combined with NetTutor’s first-rate service makes it a first choice among educators across the nation. The WorldWideWhiteboard provides a large whiteboard canvas area where both the tutor and the student are able to type, draw, and use symbols from the subject-specific symbol palette.

A sample NetTutor math session showing the functionality of the various NetTutor tools

Connecting with a tutor is fast and easy, with no downloads necessary and a service that doesn’t require ample bandwidth. All tutoring takes place on an intuitive whiteboard interface and is facilitated with course specific tools and functions. Our goal at NetTutor is to partner great tutors with user-friendly tools in order to facilitate efficient and effective tutoring.